From beginner to expert the Skier’s Edge models perfectly simulate the smooth, rhythmic movements of skiing. You will ski better and become a healthier, more fit person year-round.


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Train in your boots 365 days a year

Train in your ski boots! The Skier’s Edge BootMaster is the ultimate workout for skiers. It’s an intense exercise of those ski specific muscles that "scream" your first few weeks of skiing. The muscle memory conditioning translates perfectly to the slopes. The BootMaster footpads connect perfectly to your ski boots (toe shim and heel retainer).

Complete System: the Assistant Coach Balance Bar™, BootMaster Accessory platform and footpads, QS5 Big Mountain RPM

Accessory Only: BootMaster Accessory Platform and footpads

Available for the QS5 model only.

  • Get comfortable in your boots before you hit the slopes
  • Actively engages your core
  • Aligns you in the proper position over your boots
  • Never lose confidence or control
  • Refines your retraction balance for perfectly linked turns
  • Duplicates the feel of the mountain

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